Transforming  Breast Cancer Survivors Lives from treatment to restorative wellness program  and project at a time.

SStarrtSa & FUTURE

               Board of Directors

Starr Carson Cleary, Executive Director

Colette Robison, Secretary of Finance

Karin Weiss- Board Member

Kim Crohen- Board Member

Regenerations Wellness Foundation, Starr Carson Cleary, has been a Health and Fitness Educator in many facets of the wellness industry since 1995.  Areas of expertise includes, Cancer Exercise Specialist Corporate Worksite Wellness Consultant, Master Fitness Trainer, Creator of StarrPower Cancer Restorative Movement Seminars and  Motivational Speaker.

Projects: (Books) A Womans Guide..30 Days to a Better Mind, Body and Spirit,  Restorative Pilates for Cancer Survivors, Producer of Starrpower Pilates (DVD).

Lifelong goals: to provide qualifty of life wellness solutions for breast cancer, to take back their physical muscle at a time. To provide hope renewal and regeneration towards the journey to wellness.