Providing Hope, Renewal and Regeneration for Breast Cancer Warriors

         Regenerations  Wellness Cancer Foundation is a 501 C (3)  non profit organization 



- Restorative Strength and Movement Programs

 - Moving Meditation

 - Retreats & Seminars

"- New Image Program"; Hats- Wigs- Scarves & Prosthesis

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Our Misson: To provide pathways  towards recovery for breast cancer survivors, through the promotion of restoritative wellness programs, seminars and retreats; to distribute "New Image" mastectomy apparel,wigs, scraves and hat, to improve a breast cancer  survivors, self-esteem and  new image

Why We Are Advocates of Resrorative Wellness for Breast Cancer Warriors:

Medical professionals have researched it, Therapists have taught it and cancer warriors who han=ve participated in a modified exercise program. all agree, that the benefits of any form of movement is better than no movement at all Exercise can help bridge the cancer warrior's recovery from a diagnosis to post operative surgery. Exercise does not have to be intense in order for a cancer patient to reap the rewards of increased muscular strength, degreasing fatique, and getting back to a full life of being functionally fit.